Dear Masterman Alumni Community:

As many of you are aware, Teachers & Parents are protesting the hazardous asbestos conditions at Masterman. This issue, that existed even during many of our tenured period at Masterman, has persisted for many years, and gotten progressively worse. Many Alumni have asks way in which they can support. We have included a list of support opportunities below, for your information.


Other Resources/Information

Parents, guardians, and other members of the larger school community at Masterman will rally in support of our teachers who took a brave stand for safe teaching and learning conditions at our school last week and were threatened and disciplined by the district for standing up. We have tremendous respect for them as professionals and advocates for our school community, and we will not tolerate their being bullied for doing the right thing. We are rallying in support of them.

We will again highlight the demands of our building’s environmental committee, insisting that the district allow a joint PFT-SDP inspection to take place to ascertain the state of the current construction-related and asbestos problems in the building. We know, from past experience at other schools, that the district’s assurances alone are not to be trusted. We do not want our children or their teachers or staff to have to work in a building that has not been deemed safe by this joint inspection team.
Furthermore, we stand in solidarity with every school community in Philadelphia fighting for a safe re-opening of their school this week, including Cassidy, SLA Beeber, TM Peirce and other schools that are trying to make sure their students and staff are safe. This is a city-wide issue, and we need district and city leadership to make sure all our city’s children and teachers are safe.