Hello Masterman Alumni! 

Senior project time is here. Our goal is to provide our seniors with a “beyond the classroom” educational experience where they can apply their talents and knowledge in real-life settings.  

Length of Project-Monday, May 16 through Wednesday, at 12:00 PM on May 25, 2022. Students will be excused from classes during this time in order to participate in senior project activities.  Students are required to arrange a work schedule with mentors in advance.

Hour Requirements – Students must commit a total of 45 hours during the project from May 16 to May 25. If you agree, they may choose to make the half day on May 25 a day off if they can complete those hours at another time. They are expected to work on this 6 hours a day. 

Supervision – Students’ success and learning will depend on the adequate and appropriate guidance, expertise and supervision that you can provide. If you agree to be a mentor, students via email or phone will share with you their topic proposal. Please be sure to review all proposal information before agreeing to the project.

Evaluation – You will be asked to initial a daily time sheet, and complete a 10 question evaluation of the student’s performance at the end of the experience. Please provide the completed and signed evaluation and timesheet and send to esolomon@philasd.org BY THE END OF THE DAY ON FRIDAY, MAY 27.   These documents are  key components in determining the student’s success, and will be needed to calculate the grade for the project. The student will have hard copies, but links will be made available. This list may grow as student connections fall through.

As of right now, we have students looking for the following positions: 

Sound Crew (something connected with film, ads, theater, etc)
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Dance Therapy
City Council or someone in government 
Research or Lab experience with diseases 
Accounting Firm
Accounting or Marketing firm
Environmental or Global Law
Law Firm (any kind)
Graphic Design
Physics teacher to shadow, work on labs or research
Mural Arts ProgramBio or Chem Research
Any type of lab work or research

Interested mentors can contact Elana Solomon at esolomon@philasd.org or call at 215-500-1674. Please contact by Wednesday, April 20, 2022.